Friday, September 16, 2011

The Skinny on Photoshop!

I think that most everyone who is reading this already knows about Kim Klassen :-) But just in case there is someone new, I thought I'd mention that a new session of Kim's Photoshop Skinny-mini eCourse is starting on September 26 and it's FREE!!!

Kim is teaching the class using Photoshop Elements 9, but it should also be easy to follow along if you have a full version of Photoshop. I think that some of the class members were even able to use Picnik and Gimp...but don't quote me on that :-)

You can follow along at your own pace, and the most fun part is being able to post the assignments to the Skinny-mini Flickr Group. It's a great way to see how everyone is progressing and it was how I met most of you!

P.S. Just a word of warning, however. Kim and her textures are habit forming, so don't hold me responsible if you become hooked :-)

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Pat Mark said...

Addicting is not strong enough Elaine,LOl. The texture using becomes and obsession. I love doing it and learning has given my art a whole new dimension.