Thursday, October 6, 2011

Texture Tuesday on Thursday :: The Gratitude eDition

My Hero :-)
You may be asking, "Who is this guy and what does he have to do with this week's Texture Tuesday theme, Gratitude, at the Kim Klassen Cafe???"

Well, this is Dr. J., my wonderful doctor at the medical school where I am a patient. I am very, very, very grateful to him because a few months ago, he figured out the main cause of the pain that I have been suffering from for years, that other doctors back home in LA and here in Portland hadn't. 

He is my hero because he actually listened to me and asked me questions that the other doctors hadn't. He concluded that my left leg is a tad bit shorter than my right leg and recommended that I get a heel lift. The relief from the pain has been nothing short of a miracle. 

I was in so much pain that I had come to the decision at the beginning of the summer that I would only walk when absolutely necessary. If he hadn't figured out the problem, I would at the very least be using a walker right now or even be in a wheel chair. 

When I saw Dr. J. yesterday (Wednesday), I told him about Texture Tuesday and asked him if I could take his photo. I really didn't think he'd agree, but not only is he an amazing doctor, but he's a very cool guy :-)

Anyway, to get to the details, first I sharpened Dr. J. and blurred the background a bit. I made a copy of the background layer and set it to Soft Light at 50%. I then added a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer and chose the Sepia Preset. I masked Dr. J. and feathered the selection 1 pixel, and decreased the density of the Hue/Saturation Adjustment in the Masks Panel to 90%.

Kim asked us to use two different textures and I chose Believe (Soft Light at 60%) and Trust (Overlay at 20%) as they express how I feel about Dr. J., who will blush when he reads this :-) 

I hadn't planned to get so personal in my blog, but it is such a miracle to be able to walk for hours instead of just minutes without pain that I thought I would use this opportunity to acknowledge the person responsible!

Here is the the link to the SOOC version on Picasa.


Jenni said...

Glad you found the cause..isn't it great when someone FINALLY listens! He does look very nice too.

Jack Maloney said...

It's so good when people listen, understand and act! Keep on walking and building up your strength which will no doubt help you on your road to recovery.

A great post. Keep them coming...

Sheila said...

I’m so glad you shared your story, and that you found an awesome doctor! Love this photo – his smile is genuine, you can see it reflected in his eyes – great texture work too!

Beck said...

Elaine what a great story!! I'm so happy for you! There is NOTHING in the world more valuable than a health care professional that actually listens to their patients when they are in pain or distress. Very glad to hear you're finally getting the relief you've been looking for.

Marilyn said...

Amazing finding a doctor who listens and observes!! I'm so happy for you. Restores my faith in the medical profession.