Thursday, December 29, 2011

Texture Tuesday :: A Bee in my Bonnet

Textures :: Providence (soft light 20%) and Lola (soft light 30%) by Kim Klassen

One of my favorite expressions is "I have a bee in my bonnet." It's what I say when I finally get the energy to do something I've been needing or wanting to do for ages. Last week was one of those weeks, thank goodness. 

A little bee flew into my bonnet on Tuesday evening, about a half an hour before my bedtime, and wouldn't leave me alone :-) I have a very strict sleep hygiene routine, as per the sleep doctor I saw last spring, and I am very diligent about it. But I decided to play hooky from my regimin and get started on Phase Two of The Great Condo Rearranging Project :-) Phase one occurred a couple of months ago. Mr. Bee is very busy.

Textures :: Friday (soft light 40%) and Lola (soft light 40%) by Kim Klassen

We accomplished a lot, Mr. Bee and I. He helped me move boxes and furniture. My dining "area" is now my office :-) And I actually have a Craft Room now, although it is going to be a Craft Storage Room for quite a long time, but I'm fine with that. He flew off the other day, but he left me with some assignments to complete in his absence. Did one today. imaginary helper is better than none, don't you think? :-)

Textures :: Friday (soft light 40%) and Lily (soft light 45%) by Kim Klassen

I was a little overwhelmed by the Twelve Days of Texture, so I took a break to work on the Condo Project and tweak my blog a little. I'm very happy that Texture Tuesday is back, so I'll use the opportunity to use a few of the twelve lovely textures that Kim created for us and catch up.

I happened to take quite a few photos of bees last year, so I thought I'd edit three of them for this post. I decided to give Adobe Camera Raw in Bridge CS5 a try for the basic editing and then open the images in Photoshop to add the textures. Since there are three photos today, I'm not including Screen Shots.

I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday season and will have a wonderful 2012. I've already over-committed myself to all things photographic and Photoshop!!! After a playing a mental ping pong game of the pros and cons, I decided to sign up for Kim Klassen's new class, Beyond Layers! I also joined a 52 Week group on Flickr and of course, I have to try to learn something new everyday over at NAPP. Whew! I'll be busy, but it will all be so fun :-)


Jack Maloney said...

Very clever post Elaine. Good to see you back at it!

Lynda Naranjo said...

Cute post! :) Enjoy your photo projects ... they all sound like fun!

Happy New Year, Elaine! Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

nancyjean said...

you were busy as a bee! lovely photos and processing!

♥ Lisa RedWillow said...

Gorgeous work . I love each one of these

Nadege, said...

Beautiful capture...I love the first image the most, such amazing perspective and colors.

hootnonny said...

Hi Elaine, Glad you dropped by my blog. I see that you're not on flickr as neither.
Your flowers images are lovely as ever. Have a great New Year!

Neringa said...

Oh this is so summery! Love the colors, and the texture work is very nice.

Pat Mark said...

You are one busy bee Elaine. I am having a hard time getting in the groove to clean up my space, need a bee in my bonnet too. Project projects projects!! Happy new year.