Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Texture Tuesday :: Open, A Composite

We've had a few days of sunshine this month, which I've tried to take advantage of even though it's it's been very chilly. Chilly is a relative term, of course, depending on where you live, but I lived in the Los Angeles area for 56 years before moving to the Portland (Oregon) area, so to me, daytime temperatures in the 30s might as well be below freezing :-) But bundled in my new eggplant down coat, out I went the other day and took some photos of some of the trees in my neighborhood that are already starting to show buds! 

Textures :: Evolve (soft light 40%) and Storm (soft light 50%) by Kim Klassen

This week's Texture Tuesday theme over at the Kim Klassen Cafe is the the word "Open". I am very interested in the technique of digital compositing, and decided to combine a photo I took a few days ago (on one of those sunny days) with one I took a couple of years ago in March, to try to illustrate this week's theme.

One of my inspirations for compositing is Julieanne Kost, Adobe's Senior Digital Imaging Evangelist. Julieanne is a artist and photographer, and also produces a series of video tutorials for Adobe, called The Complete Picture, which teach Photoshop and Lightroom from an artistic perspective as well as a technical one.

Julieanne's tutorials cover a vast range of techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom, but my favorites are, of course, the ones about compositing, DriftingTwilightIsostacy, and Hindsight. I have watched these and many of the other videos over and over again, to try to absorb the information!

Here are the two sooc photos that I used to create my composite. Hopefully I have accomplished my goal of illustrating the concept that in a few weeks, these fuzzy little buds will be opening into beautiful pink blooms!

Second Layer

First (Background) Layer

I took Screen Shots of the various steps involved, but there are too many to post here! I am going to try to create a separate page and post them there. So just in case you're interested, check back in a day or two, and maybe I'll have figured it out :-)

P.S. Hello to all my Beyond Layers classmates! I can't wait until tomorrow, can you? Unfortunately, I have a doctor's appointment in town at 11, so probably won't have time to check my email until I get home :-( I wonder what treat of the Photoshop kind Kim has in store for us???!!!


Ivy Long, Edera Jewelry said...

So pretty, Elaine!

Cheryl Flatt said...

Simply beautiful!

Pam said...

That is beautiful!

Kia said...

Lovely, Elaine! :)
Hubby & I are so late with BL... already! Super busy week offline :( sob!
But we will catch up! Ciao!

C o w R o a d said...

What a great idea Elaine: it looks gorgeous! :-)

Elaine Bastajian said...

Thank you so much, Ivy!

{I just discovered this "Reply" feature, so I hope you see it!}

Elaine Bastajian said...

Thank you, Cheryl!

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Elaine Bastajian said...

Thank you, Pam!

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Elaine Bastajian said...

Hi Kia! Thanks!

I haven't really started writing "My Story" yet, although I'm thinking about it :~)

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Sheila said...

Elaine, this is so beautiful!

Elaine Bastajian said...

Hi Marjan! I'm glad you like it !

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Elaine Bastajian said...

Thank, you, Sheila!

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Lynda Naranjo said...

This is really lovely Elaine! I've never tried it before but I love how your photo came out. xo

Elaine Bastajian said...

Thank you so much, Lynda! Take a look at Julieanne's tutorials and try it some day! I would love to see what you would do with the technique!

georgia b. said...

very nice! makes me long for spring her in chicago.

i came via kk's texture tuesday... i've been trying to go see all the other entires... a little late, but better than never. =)

and i'm your newest follower, too. can't wait to see more.

JillsyGirl said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my place and saying "hi" Elaine! So nice to meet you. I've browsed a bit at your work and I love it! I have put you on my feed so I'll be back!

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Hi Elaine. Thanks for your recent visits and kind words. Don't worry, I will keep your French Fix up to date until you are well enough to go yourself. And do try to rescue those pix that you took with the point and shoot! It can be done, and your photo above shows that you are becoming quite proficient in Photoshop! Great work!


Pat Mark said...

Hi Elaine, this is really nice. I like what you did with the two shots. So far I am trying to keep up with BL class. Just wrote out my story but not sure how to really tell it like I want to. Have to come up with a way to do it on the blog with photos.

Kia said...

Ciao Elaine, thank you so much for your reply at BL :)
Much appreciated!

Have a lovely Tuesday ahead! xo

Sandy said...

Hi Elaine! I was hoping no one from California would have read what I wrote about the ceilings being called that {oooops} sorry about that, I hope you didn't think I was being rude to Californian's! Looks like you were a good sport about it. Aha I see you are in Oregon now!

The photo's are gorgeous! Love the little buds :)

I so much wanted to take Kim's class too and now it's back up to the $70 something, so looks like I missed out on the special she was running. I honestly don't know if I could find the time to do them right now with the popcorn in my hair lol but if sounds like it's something I shouldn't miss! Have fun! I hope you might post something from the class sometime so I can see what it's all about! Give me a yell if you do!


Pink Tree Studio said...

Thanks, Georgia! I'm sure that winter here would be heaven for you :-)

I'm so far behind that I dont' think I'll ever get caught up :-( I'm taking Kim's Beyond Layers class, too, so I'm not sure if I will be able keep up with TT and BL~~in fact, I'm geting the two classes confused, LOL!

I'm following your blog, too :-)

Pink Tree Studio said...

Thank you for the kind words!!! So nice to "meet" you, too :~)

Pink Tree Studio said...

Thank you for your kind words about my Photoshop skills, Dawne!!! You are one of my inspirations :~)

My photos from France are in a box just a few feet away. I just need to set up my new scanner and figure out how to scan the negatives. Maybe I'll just take them out of the box in a few minutes and look at them for now :-)

Pink Tree Studio said...

Thanks, Pat! Sorry for the belated reply :~(

As I mentioned above, I am so far behind that I don't think I will ever catch up :~( And I didn't even remember that our BL project for Week Two was supposed to be based on a word. Sigh.

I haven't stared my story at all, although I have it in my head. I made a tab in my menu bar, called A Pink Tree Story, which is where I will post mine. I actually had decided to do that before BL started. So that works out well.

But I am spending way too much time "socializing", LOL! I am going in so many different directions...I need to focus on one thing and finish it. Another sigh.

Pink Tree Studio said...

Prego, Kia :~)

Pink Tree Studio said...

Hi Sandy! I absolutely was not was hysterically funny!!! I hate the stuff, no matter what it's called, LOL!!! Actually, I think it's called Cottage Cheese here, too. Maybe it's a West Coast thing:-)

I've been posting my projects on Flickr, as we have a group pool. But I think I will post them here, too, as not everyone who reads my blog is one of my Flickr contact. I'll try to post the first two projects in the next couple of days. I really have my work cut out for me :-)

Red Rose Alley said...

I visited your blog today. Your photos are lovely, and the pink trees are so pretty with their delicate petals. Me and my daughters also love Photography. We started a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you. I just bought a new camera, and am anxious to take some unique pictures. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Red Rose Alley said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. I wanted to come back and answer your question about my camera. It is a Canon Power Shot. I am going to appreciate being able to take better pictures now. I am happy to hear you've been to Encinitas too. Isn't it a cool little town? Have a good week.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Pink Tree Studio said...

Hi Sheri! Thank you for your sweet words!

That's so wonderful that you and your daughters are blogging together! I am following your blog, too, and left a comment this morning :~) I look forward to seeing more lovely photos from your new camera!

Sherri B. said...

What a beautiful effect! This inspires me to try something like that myself. Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. Have a wonderful Thursday~~ :)

Pink Tree Studio said...

Thank you, Sheri! Check out Julieanne's videos when you have a chance. They will give you all kinds of ideas!