Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Texture Tuesday :: Partings, Part One

For today's Texture Tuesday, Kim asked us to use at least one layer of her new texture, Partings. As I think I have mentioned before, I tend to be very literal, so I had to find a photo in my archives (doesn't that sound impressive?) that would fit with the theme. 

Textures by Kim Klassen :: Partings and Be Still

This image is from my last trip home to Southern California in October of 2010, taken at Torrance Beach. I was very fortunate to live just about a mile up the hill from the beach for forty years. Of course, I wish I were still there, but that's another story...

There's a little secret in this image, but you will have to wait until Thursday to find out what it is, unless you happen to guess before that :-) Don't you just love cliff hangers? It's also an excuse for starting this post at the last minute, as usual!

You may notice that I designed a new blog header. I decided that the previous one was a little too insipid. And I keep going back and forth about whether to have a sidebar on not. I think I'm leaning towards having one again, when I can figure out how I want it to look. I love the fact that I can keep changing my mind about my blog design :-)

How is the weather in your neck of the woods? It's starting to feel more like Autumn here, although it's still warm and sunny, for which I am very thankful! My wardrobe is not ready for Autumn yet,  let alone Winter , so I need just a few more days, make that weeks, to prepare :-)


Sheila said...

Hi Elaine,
Oh, beautiful image, so peaceful – I can almost hear the sounds of the waves and the birds overhead.
I love, love, love your blog header.
The weather here (in Minnesota) is changing. It’s jacket chilly in the morning and evenings but warm in the afternoon. Need two wardrobes this time of year.
I’ll be back this weekend to find out what your secret is!

Carole said...

A lovely image. I love the sailboat off in the distance.

Weather here is still summer like, but we aren't complaining as summer came late for us, and actually, we're due for a drier, warmer fall. :-)

Please view my TT here...

Noteworthy Musings - Texture Tuesday

Pink Tree Studio said...

Hi Sheila! Thank you so much for both the compliments ❤ I hope you will get a kick out of my secret :-)

Minnesota weather sounds like Oregon's! It's in the 40s in the mornings, so I try not to go out until the afternoon when I can wear my sandals!

Pink Tree Studio said...

Thanks so much, Carole!

I'm hoping for a warm Fall, although as much as I hate to admit it, Oregon could certainly use some rain!

Lisa Gordon said...

Elaine, this is beautiful.
Such wonderful serenity.

I LOVE your new header. Like you, I have an ongoing war with the position of the sidebar. Maybe one day, I'll make up my mind, but for now it is "parked" on the side. :-)

Have a wonderful day!

Evelyn S. said...

What a fabulous capture, Elaine....the sailboat, the gull, the couple on the sand....just beautiful!

Pink Tree Studio said...

Thank you so much, Lisa! It was indeed very serene at the beach that day.

I'm glad you like my header, too, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who is indecisive about the design of their blog :-)

Pink Tree Studio said...

Thanks so much, Evelyn! My photos of that trip help me keep my mind off the coming of winter :-)

radish38 said...

Elaine, I have not gone through all of the blogs from class because I do not know how to read the chart. Your banner is beautiful. And you can always put something else up if you get tired. I am signing up for your blog when I finish this comment. I LOVE todays photo.

radish38 said...

Actually, I tried to do it, but I did not know how. I do not see anything that I do. You have to sign up to something else, which I do not want to do. There is nothing that says sent to my email address. Is this how you understand it? Tell me if there is an easy way to sign up.

Currie Silver said...

This is a wondrous photograph, Elaine. It tells a story and yet is wide open to determination.

I have moved recently, after 26 years in San Diego, Phoenix, and Sedona, I was feeling the call of the East and the ocean. I've been here 3 years Now and I am just a mile from the ocean. In San Diego, while it is hands-down the most awesome place to LIVE, I was always far from the ocean. This move I had priorities and was deLIGHTed when they were so easily met!!

I'm just "meeting" you and I appreciate your thoughts about your header and sidebar thingies. I got very caught-up in my website originally, and all the ways to DO or NOT DO, and finally I just let it go. I figure I learn as I go and Now, from YOUR post, I might give some thought to it again...

I love the simplicity of yours, the open wide and yet welcoming feel. If you are happy with it, that is what really matters most. I like my low-maintenance blogs. Makes it easier for me to participate and post AND get to know new people all over the World.

thanks for this reminder of the Pacific. it's such a great ocean, eh?!

Pink Tree Studio said...

I'm glad you like my header, Sally~~thanks! I love making them :~) Will answer the rest of your comment in the next one.

Pink Tree Studio said...

Sally~~I'm not sure what you mean by "read the chart". Let me know! You can email me at pinktreestudio [at] gmail.com.

On Blogger, you can "Follow" blogs by adding the URL on what's called the Dashboard. I looked at your blog and see that you use Squarespace, so I don't know If you can do the same thing, but I would think so. Kim also uses Squarespace and I can "Follow" both of you.

I also see that you have a email link so that people will know when you update your blog. I'm not sure if Blogger has that, but again, I would think so. Do you think I should add that? I don't sign up for email notifications because I already get too many emails and I am notified of updates on my Blogger Dashboard, anyway. Let me know what you think :~)

Pink Tree Studio said...

Currie~~thank you so much for your comment! Glad to "meet" you! You have such a lovely name!

I just took a look at your About Page and see that you have FIVE blogs!!! That's so impressive~~how do you keep up with that many??? I actually have three other blogs in the works, but I'm not sure that I will ever get around to posting anything on them :~)

I'm so happy that you are near the ocean again! The Oregon Coast is beautiful, as you may know, but I've only been there once since I moved here almost six years ago. It's about an hour and a half drive, and I just can't seem to find the time to go back.

I went to Cannon Beach last year for my birthday and almost felt like I was home again. But I need to live near the city for a variety of reasons, so I will just have to get myself over to the coast again one of these days!

As for my blog design, I love all the possibilities and how easy it is to change things around. And I LOVE Photoshop, so it's all fun! And as you say, it's definitely "learn as you go" and I definitely have learned a lot from other bloggers!

I will take a look at your blogs later, after I finish the sequel to this post :~)

She Who Carries Camera said...

I'd like to be sitting there right now! Very nice!

Pink Tree Studio said...

Thank you so much, Jill!!!